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ecodharma 2016 series
During the summer 2016 Guhyapati gave a series of talks to audiences at the Buddhafield Festival and the Green Earth Awakening gathering. The first talk was called Unleashing a Post-Capitalist Imagination. It offers an in-depth exploration of what Buddhism can contribute to social engagement during the endgame of neoliberalism. The other two talks were on the theme of effective and transformative collaboration. The talk Why Collaborate? explores five key reasons to collaborate: Empowerment, Interconnection, Emergence, Transformation and the Embodment of Values. The Transformative Group and a Fugitive Equilibrium dives into some of the key challenges and offers methods and insights on how to keep our collaborative work effective and empowering.

ecodharma audio podcast series one
Buddhist Refelctions on Social Action is our first podcast series published in the autumn 2014. Two episodes are added weekly. You can subscribe through itunes
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connect.empower.liberate is a series of three talks delivered at Buddhafield’s Green Earth Awakening in July 2014. Guhyapati explores the relationship of Buddhism, ecology and social action.