solitary retreats

Serra de Carreu is exceptionally suited to solitary retreats. Few places in Europe offer a comparable sense of wild remoteness and yet intimate beauty. Whether it is just a couple of weeks for reflection or a 6-month intensive meditation retreat you are looking for, the quiet, remote and beautiful landscape offers the ideal location. Low impact dwelling provides simplicity and comfort, while ideal surroundings and a sympathetic support community covering all the basic logistics, will ensure that you can give all your attention to your period of retreat.

We are not currently taking bookings for solitary retreats during ecodharma’s fallow period until further notice.

Given the nature of the landscape, it is easy to choose total seclusion here. At the same time, having a sympathetic support community-based in the same valley can offer a sense of security and support to those who find that helpful and reassuring.

Experienced meditators in the community are sometimes available for interviews and advice during your stay.

The cabin

Our cabin was specially built for solitary retreats. It has been constructed using ecologically sustainable methods: A round-wood frame, a stone base supporting strawbale and lime render walls, and a turfed roof. It’s porch opens onto a beautiful wooded glade, beyond which fantastic views stretch down to the valley far below. The south facing glazed wall allows lots of light, while the broad porch roof provides plenty of shade in the summer months. This cabin is much loved by all who stay there.

The facility has a supply of water from natural springs for drinking and washing, and individual compost toilet. An adequate wood supply is included in the costs between the end of November and the middle of March. More wood can be requested, and a log saw and small axe make the collection of smaller wood and kindling possible. Each facility has its own small solar energy system providing lighting for the evenings. For writers we can provide sockets to support the use of a laptop computer using an auto/air 12v adaptors.

Food and cooking facilities are included in the cost. Each facility is stocked with basic food stuffs and fresh vegetables and other perishable foods are left each week in a container a good distance from the solitary facility, where the retreatant can collect them. A note can be left in the container for the support community who will provide whatever supplies are running low. If you have special dietary requirements you can discuss it with us before booking.

Availability and minimum stays

We are not currently taking bookings for solitary retreats during ecodharma’s fallow period until further notice.

We operate a minimum stay of 1 month. Check out our calendar to see if the dates you’re looking for are available.


/>€160(euros) per week (€23 per day). A reduction can be negotiated for those wishing to do longer retreats of two months or more. We will currently accept bookings for retreats up to a year in length.

To contact us for solitary retreat enquiries and bookings: [email protected]